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    In our production process, Pieralisi has been a valid support for us and our third-party customers for years.

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    The special oil obtained from years of harvesting and purchasing 100% Canino monocultivar olives

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The Crusher

The Centennial History of the Oliottaviani Oil Mill: Tradition and Passion in the Art of Olive Oil

In the heart of the picturesque Tuscia Viterbese, a land rich in history and traditions, stands the Oliottaviani oil mill, a symbol of dedication and passion for the art of olive oil production. Our history, deeply rooted in this land, dates back to over a century ago and is the fruit of generations of commitment and love for our work.

From the origins to the present day

It all began in the early years of 1900/1905, when Vittorio Ottaviani, with vision and determination, founded our oil mill in the historic Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia. In the 1950s, with the innovative spirit that still distinguishes us today, Vittorio renovated the old mill, transferring the mill to the historical heart of the town, near the suggestive 'Fonte'. The following decade saw a merger with another oil company, bringing the mill to Piazza Savoia. But the real revolution came when Vittorio's sons acquired all the company shares, giving life to a new era for the Oliottaviani mill. Under the guidance of Alberto's family, made up of his wife Paola and sons Simone, Matteo and Alessio, the mill has embarked on a path of renewal and internationalization, conquering markets all over the world, from China to Northern Europe.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A Heritage of Value

Our extra virgin olive oil is the result of a process that combines tradition and innovation. The olives are harvested fresh and processed within 12 hours, guaranteeing a first pressing product of unparalleled quality. Every drop of our oil contains the passion, dedication and experience of generations. The story of the Oliottaviani oil mill is not just the story of a company, but of a family, a community and a tradition that continues to live and thrive. We proudly carry on the legacy of our ancestors, always looking to the future, looking for new challenges and opportunities. Visit us at Villa San Giovanni in Tuscia and discover for yourself the magic that lies behind every bottle of our precious olive oil.